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FEB 2017

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HARDWARE RETAILING | February 2017 64 Products to Carry To attract homebrew customers and become established among hobbyists, stocking essential homebrewing products and additional items to add in to the mix is essential. Homebrewing, much like baking, requires specific things you need to get the recipe made from start to finish, Talman says. "It's an easy hobby to sell, since the homebrew starter kits come with the majority of things anyone would need," he says. "A kit includes a fermenter, a bottling bucket and a capper, as well as the ingredients needed to brew a specific type of beer." At both Karp's Hardware and Homebrew and Brewer's True Value, customers can find homebrew equipment and the ingredients needed to make different types of beers. The four primary ingredients to stock include malt extract, grains and malted barley, hops and yeast. Brewer's True Value stocks all of these ingredients, and customers can browse the aisles to select exactly what ingredients they'll need. Other items, like glass bottles, jugs and bottle caps are needed to finish homebrew projects. For a better understanding of the homebrewing niche and to offer training for employees and management, go to nrha.org/freetraining to watch the videos "Homebrewing FAQs" and "Homebrewing Essentials." Although hardware distributors may sell some of the items or materials a customer might need to homebrew, both Talman and Brewer recommend finding a distributor that specializes in beer making. To ensure customers come back to shop the department, it's important to provide a good first impression. At Brewer's True Value, when a customer is near the homebrew department, they know it. Clear signage and well-merchandised endcaps call out to customers and encourage them to stop and walk around. The homebrew area has old-time beer posters, pamphlets with educational information, clear signage that labels the different ingredients and more. This allows customers to quickly and easily find whatever it is they need. Right: Karp's Hardware and Homebrew helps a variety of hobbyists. These ingredients made 150 gallons of beer for a local beer festival. Top: To help customers navigate the homebrew department, Brewer's True Value has clear department signage.

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