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FEB 2017

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HARDWARE RETAILING | February 2017 96 The combination of an old-school look and new-school convenience is not lost on the Dwyers, nor their 23 employees, whom the owners credit with filling multiple roles to accommodate their customers. "Our staff does nothing but help people. I don't care what your job is, if you see someone, go talk to them. Find out what they need and help," TJ says. "We've been lucky thus far, as usually every employee has an expertise. If the person that's helping doesn't know what a customer needs, they can find someone who does." That ability to fill needs has led to several specific expansions for Dwyer Bros., most noticeably the attached paint store offering a wide variety of Pratt & Lambert paints. That kind of specialty supply helps in supporting the "of course we have that" attitude. "It just builds the inventory," Drew says. Vintage Feel The years may have changed the variety of services and products at Dwyer Bros., but they haven't altered its appearance too much. If the signs don't lure a customer in, the original wooden floors or old clippings displayed on the walls will definitely fuel their nostalgia for times gone by. The theme continues throughout Dwyer Bros., with the same vintage sign hanging over the main entrance decorating the paint store door. It sits right next to a modern sign advertising the store's paint selection, showing even further the balance the company has achieved between comforts of the past and needs of the future. However, the Dwyers are quick to dispel the idea that the store is living in that bygone era. The atmosphere of the store might draw in the occasional historian, with the Dwyers often entertaining weekend travelers looking to glimpse the store for themselves, but getting a sale is still the focus. "I still see people come in on weekends. Most Saturdays I'll meet someone that drives out to Founded in 1888 by Aaron and Drew Dwyer's great-grandfather, Thomas J., and his brother, Michael, Dwyer Bros. Hardware has steadily expanded to a now 14,000-square-foot salesfloor and a 5,000-square-foot warehouse. " We do have a big inventory, and that's why we're successful. We don't let our old building hold us back from the times, but the building helps us sell it at times. " —Aaron Dwyer, Dwyer Bros.

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