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85 September 2016 | HARDWARE RETAILING Security Cameras Garage Door Openers Water Leak Detectors CO/Smoke Detectors Water Leak Detectors These detect water leaks early and some even report elevated levels of moisture and temperature, which could also damage homes. The detector sends an alert to your phone and can often be integrated with other home security systems. Security Cameras Wi-Fi security cameras allow you to see what's going on inside or outside the home from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The camera sends you an alert when it senses something suspicious. Some have built-in microphones so you can send a message through the camera via a phone. Garage Door Openers Using your smartphone, you can control and check the open/close status of your garage door, from anywhere. It is typically an add-on to an existing garage door opener. Thermostats These products allow you to adjust the thermostat remotely from a smartphone or other device, but they can also use a combination of sensors and algorithms to learn your schedule and adjust the temperature throughout the day accordingly. The big benefit is helping you save energy. They give you a complete energy usage report so you can see how much money you are saving. CO/Smoke Detectors Built for safety and peace of mind, these detect smoke and carbon monoxide, and some even monitor air quality. They minimize false alarms and send an alert to your smartphone or other device when there is an emergency. Some can work with other systems in your home, such as the thermostat, to turn off the furnace if there's a gas leak. Thermostats

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