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HARDWARE RETAILING | September 2016 74 number is no longer there in the open. When retailers store credit card data, for example, to use for later returns and refunds, they are no longer storing that data in its normal format. They're storing it in what's called a token. So, these are the things bigger guys are doing to remove that threat surface, which then kind of is putting the bull's-eye on smaller retailers because the [criminals] will go where the grass is greener, where it's easier to do their fraud. And obviously if something's encrypted, it makes it harder for them to get that number. HR: What damage can cybercrimes cause to businesses? Smith: A cybercrime can compromise business continuity, customer trust and financial resources—all impacting a business' current operations and the future viability of the business. Take stock of the situation immediately to assess what recognizable actions should be taken, while consulting with additional resources like law enforcement, system administrators, etc. A business may need to temporarily pull some services offline, limit staff access to PCs, and check with its banking partners to see if a crime has resulted in unauthorized transactions. HR: What are some key identifiers that a business is susceptible to a cyberattack? Embry: If your payment process involved a clerk going into a backroom to process a payment and the consumer isn't in full control of the card, that's always a signal that the business would be an easy target for card skimming or unauthorized gathering of data. If you have self-service checkouts, you have to be careful that there are not ways for malware to be put on those systems or skimmers to be added to the devices. Criminals are very good at being able to immediately hack into your systems, so you have to be very careful about how payments are done and how consumers are authenticated. For outstanding value and performance, dependable D-L products can't be beat. We don't stop here. Dutton-Lainson Company has sales and merchandising programs to increase profits – including competitive pricing, attractive margins, smart packaging and more. ©2010 D-L Brake Winches Contact us today for your FREE catalog! Fuel Tank Filers Ag-Industrial Jacks Fence Stretchers What's more dependable than ® products? Dependable Products for Over a Century DUTTON-LAINSON COMPANY SINCE 1886 Hastings, NE 68902 • Tel: 402-462-4141 • Fax: 402-460-4612 E-mail: dlsales@dutton-lainson.com • www. dutton-lainson.com ® ...Our commitment to helping you increase profits!

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