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APR 2011

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employee discount on products pur- chased in the store. VACATIONS Employers tend to give these mainly to full-time employees. According to NRHA's 2010 Employee Compensation Study, the aver- age employer grants 14 vacation days and four sick days to full-time employees and managers. GETTING TO KNOW YOU The applicant looks good on paper; now it's time to have a face-to-face interview. How should you direct the conversation? Choose the questions that will get you closest to their true personality. JOB DESCRIPTION Be clear and honest about all of the job requirements, including hours employees can expect to work and work limitations, like how much employees may be required to lift. Also talk about company values, including work ethic and the customer service attitude you expect all employees to have. PREVIOUS JOBS Why did they leave their previous employer? Will they have the same com- plaints about you in a few months? If they complain about working weekends, for example, tell them they'll be working weekends at your store as well. OPEN A CONVERSATION Ease into the interview with some questions that seem to have nothing to do with the job. Mazzone starts the interview with small talk: How was traffic on the way here? Tell me about your last employer. Small talk can give you a window into their personality. Take into account some nervousness at sitting in the interview chair, but if the interviewee complains a lot or just isn't very good at holding a casual conversa- tion with a stranger, how inviting will he or she be with customers in your store? Be careful, however, as there are some questions you shouldn't ask in an interview, like how old they are or what is their religion. As rules about this may vary by state, check with a local legal professional if you are unsure of what to ask. Some general guidelines are in NRHA's HR Handbook. ASSESS THEIR PERSONALITY Here's the crux of the interview. "I know within a couple of minutes of Build Profits with PRECISION-ENGINEERED MICRO-POWER TOOLS FROM PROXXON . tools, omplete line of " &o-powe& $"%! ' ( most #(& %& ' !y and easily . atisfy DIYe&' and %&os + ( ( % & ( tool f$& * &- %&$ ( . (+ ( '(& "! # designs sell ( "' !* ' to wood and metal w$& &s, model builde&' # ( m &s, jew ! &s and $%( #' wo&! wide . Complements y$)& tool ''$&tment to & # added ()&#' . etail ' &* and ')%%$&t based on "$& ( # 25 - &s of ex% & # ,e,% &tise and e, !! # + ( $)( $"%&omise leading & # in ' $# . )&ope f$& %& " # ()& tools $& inf$&" ( $# on ( line and OXXON ! &s: www.proxxon.com/us 56 PROX-Tech, Inc., P.O. Box 1909, Hickory, NC, 28603-1909 Toll free 1-877-PROXXON, sales@prox-tech.com ''$& ' and (( " #(' ( %&$ (s April 2011

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