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APR 2011

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By Jesse Carleton, jcarleton@nrha.org YOU'RE A Quick Guide to Finding the Best THE RULES Here's what the Internal Revenue Service says you should get before you hire someone. t &MJHJCJMJUZ Every employee must be legally eligible to work in the United States. Have employees fill out Form I-9. H S JSJOH TPNFPOF JOWPMWFT B MPU NPSF UIBO KVTU GJOEJOH B XBSN CPEZ UP GJMM B TQPU CFIJOE UIF DBTI SFHJTUFS Because so much of your business depends on how well your employees do their jobs, you want the best out there. You want someone with a great personality, someone eager to please the customer and willing to learn everything you need to know about hardware retailing. EARCHING FOR THE BEST employee is a two-way street. If you want the best employees, you need to be the best employer. The best employees want a paycheck, but they also want a quality work environment that fosters their growth and gives them a sense of belonging. If they don't find it, 52 Hardware Retailing they might make their exit when a better offer comes along. In the following article, we'll see where other retailers look to find the employees they hire, how they approach the inter- view process and how they make their job offer look more attractive than the offer somewhere else. t 4PDJBM 4FDVSJUZ /VNCFS Have the employee show you his social security card. If they do not have one, offer Form SS-5. An ITIN is not acceptable in place of the SSN. Consider using a free Social Security Verification Service that allows you to see if an applicant's name matches the SSN on file. Visit www.socialsecurity.gov/bso. t "EWBODFE &BSOFE *ODPNF $SFEJU 1BZNFOU Employees who want to take this credit must complete Form W-5. t 8JUIIPMEJOH 5BY Employees should fill out Form W-4. Source: www.irs.gov. www.nrha.org April 2011

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