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FEB 2019

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A lot of what he and the rest of his team had been missing—in addition to all the hard-earned dollars they were sending Epicor's way—can be summed up in three of the most important benefits Muus gained when they switched to RockSolid MAX: greater ease of use, increased flexibility, and 24/7 access to detailed, real-time information on just what was happening in the business. A NATURAL, INTUITIVE WINDOWS-BASED SYSTEM ENABLES EVERYONE TO HIT THE GROUND RUNNING "Unlike Epicor, RockSolid MAX is a true Windows- based system," explains Steve. "Everything works the way Windows is supposed to work, the dropdowns and searches all work like they're supposed to work, and that makes everything so much easier," he says. "If you wanted a report with Epicor, you either needed someone on your staff with special training or you had to pay for one of the Epicor technical support people to build the report for you," he says. "With RockSolid MAX, you just go to the reports menu, click on the one you want and it's right there. And not only is it so much easier to get your reports from RockSolid MAX than Epicor, but you're also seeing real-time information and that can make a big difference." WHEN SOFTWARE IS DESIGNED BY HARDWARE STORE VETERANS, THE DIFFERENCE IS EASY TO SEE As an example, Steve cites the way RockSolid handles special orders. "If somebody was working on a special order in Epicor, the cost of the product would be kept from the last time we had placed an order for that product," he explains. "The price may have gone up or down since then but that wouldn't be reflected in the system and that made for real problems when we paid our sales rep his commission on the sale. With RockSolid, it updates our cost information on the special order as soon as we receive it so we get a true profit number on that sale. That has been huge for us—particularly these days when prices are changing so dramatically." Steve also gives RockSolid MAX kudos for its powerful search capabilities. "We sell Regal Railing and Benjamin Moore's Regal Select paint line," he explains. "With Epicor, if you did a search for either of them, you'd get items from both manufacturers and you'd have to visually sort through all of them to find the product you were looking for. With RockSolid, all you have to do is create two keywords, 'Regal Railing' and 'Regal Paint,' and any future searches will generate exactly what you want to see and nothing more." For more RockSolid MAX success stories, visit: https://www2.ecisolutions.com/rocksolidmax-stories www.ECiSolutions.com/RockSolidMAX RockSolidMAXInfo@ECiSolutions.com 800.588.5128 © 2018 ECi, the ECi Red Box and ECi RockSolid MAX are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. GET ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK! RockSolid MAX ® cloud-based software for hardware stores and home centers, can transform your business without a huge upfront investment. Get cutting-edge technology, at an affordable, fixed monthly price—no servers or special equipment needed. UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS. SIMPLIFY YOUR BILL.

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