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FEB 2019

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Transition from Epicor to RockSolid MAX ® POS Software Adds Ease, Simplicity, and Real-Time Information it didn't take Steve too long to find one: RockSolid MAX ® POS software for lumber and hardware stores from ECi Software Solutions. The dollars and cents involved made a compelling case for RockSolid MAX just by themselves. Steve's monthly support fee was practically cut in half when he moved to RockSolid MAX. And the one-time conversion fee was significantly less than what Epicor was going to charge for the new system they said Muus needed. THE BUSINESS ACHIEVED ROI FROM THE WORDS "GO LIVE" "When we made the switch to RockSolid MAX, I probably got my money back the moment I turned it on," says Steve happily. And, he adds, when the Muus team made that switch, they did so in a way that was totally transparent to customers and that came with the absolute minimum of stress. "When we were gearing up for the move to RockSolid MAX, our support person directed us to their online video training library to help us get ready," Steve recalls. "The library features a series of presentations on various aspects of the program. And because it's all online, it's easy to work through them and get up to speed on your own schedule." The result according to Steve: The Muus team hit the ground running with RockSolid MAX on their go-live day problem-free. And once the team was live? "We had been Epicor users for so long that we really didn't know what we had been missing out on all that time," Steve says. I f you're still using an Epicor system to run your business, you might just want to spend a few minutes with Steve Heidrich, owner of Muus Lumber and Hardware in Minot, North Dakota. BEFORE SWITCHING TO ROCKSOLID MAX POS IN AUGUST 2018, MUUS HAD BEEN A LONG-TIME EPICOR HOUSE The company bought its first Epicor system in 1994 and since then, Steve admitted that the amount of money he spent on upgrades alone was oppressive to his business. Upgrades had always been costly with Epicor but in recent years, he reports, the cost of ownership at Muus had climbed to the point where Steve finally decided enough was enough. "With Epicor, our monthly support fee just kept going up and up and we were also getting hit more and more with additional fees because what we were asking for wasn't covered anyway," he recalls. "I already had a significant monthly support payment, and then they told me what we had was too old and needed to be replaced with a costly new system!" WHEN COSTS RISE FAR ABOVE BENEFITS, IT'S TIME TO TRANSITION TO A NEW ERP For any small business owner, it's always tempting to stay with what you know, particularly on the technology front. But for Steve and his team, the cost and the hassle of working with Epicor just got too much and they started looking for a better option. Not surprisingly, CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY MUUS LUMBER & HARDWARE

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