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JAN 2019

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January 2019 | HARDWARE RETAILING 75 2 Solutions for Negative Reviews Bettencourt says most retailers will face similar negative comments as their businesses develop their social media presence. Here, she offers a few tips to help retailers navigate thorny online interactions diplomatically. Scathing Reviews Singling Out Employees Bettencourt says in this situation, retailers shouldn't be tempted to lose their cool and respond immediately. It can be hurtful to hear negative comments about employees, but she recommends retailers take time to write a fair, balanced rebuttal. "Walk away. Get a cup of coffee. Just think about how you're responding. In these situations, I write a response and read it a couple times until I'm sure it's exactly what I want to say," she recommends. Negative Comments Revealing User Error Above all, Bettencourt recommends retailers remain courteous, even if it means biting their tongues. She encourages retailers to treat these situations as if a customer were returning a product directly in store, and handle the situation under those terms. "Offer what you can do, even if that's connecting a customer directly with a manufacturer. That way, you keep it positive and you're always giving the customer an option," she says. Terrible Experience Can't Believe It Bob from ACME Hardware is the WORST!! I can't believe he still has a job. I just realized the cordless drill ACME sold me needs batteries! WTH?!? MAKING CARGO TRANSPORTATION EASIER & MORE SECURE QUALITY BUILT FOR DURABILITY & PERFORMANCE YOU CAN COUNT ON TARP TIES & BUNGEE CORDS TIE DOWNS LIFTING SLINGS RECOVERY STRAPS TRAILER HARDWARE CABLE PULLERS LOGISTIC STRAPS FLAGS & BANNERS CARGO BARS WINCH STRAPS CHAIN & ACCESSORIES LOAD BINDERS Contact Ancra Consumer / Industrial Sales Group at 800-626-8353 consumer.ancracargo.com cicustomerservice@ancra.com

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