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JAN 2019

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limitation," Megan warns. RockSolid MAX POS software for hardware stores removed any potential limitations. NOT JUST POS SOFTWARE, BUT A SOLUTION THAT SUPPORTS BUSINESS EXPANSION "When we looked at RockSolid MAX, we saw a program that could not only take care of our immediate needs, but that also would be able to support us as we grew and got more involved in categories such as lumber, fencing, and so on," she adds. "Software represents a big investment and you don't want your system to be at capacity within six months of implementing it. We knew that wouldn't be an issue with RockSolid MAX." FROM CONVERSION TO IMPLEMENTATION, TO DAILY SERVICE, SUPPORT WAS ROCKSOLID "I have no hesitation about giving five stars to our implementation specialist at RockSolid MAX," says Megan. "He was extremely accessible, an excellent teacher, and very good at understanding our specific needs and setting up the system to meet them." And unlike some systems, support stayed strong once the Hepler's team was live with the program. "We got great customer service from RockSolid MAX after the conversion," Megan reports. "To begin with, we were calling daily, and when we made those calls, the RockSolid team was very responsive. Rarely did I have to wait on hold and they always had the answer to my question," she says. For Megan and her team, good service on any level is critical. "As a business, Hepler's prides itself on service excellence and the ability to take care of customers," she says. "We've found the people at RockSolid MAX have a similar attitude. Their tech support staff has been there for us every step of the way and they want us to succeed and use the system to grow." When we talked to Megan Orient, Hepler's had been live on RockSolid MAX for just about a year. Even though she's the first to admit they're still learning aspects of the program, her enthusiasm for the changes RockSolid MAX has brought to the company comes through loud and clear. "We have so much more insight into what's happening with the business than we ever had before and it's generated some tremendous time savings for our people," she says. "RockSolid MAX is a very good product that is specifically designed for the hardware industry and supported by people who have a lot of hardware industry experience themselves," she adds. "It has put us in a very good place today, and I know it's only going to make us even stronger going forward." For more RockSolid MAX success stories, visit: https://www2.ecisolutions.com/rocksolidmax-stories www.ECiSolutions.com/RockSolidMAX RockSolidMAXInfo@ECiSolutions.com 800.588.5128 © 2018 ECi, the ECi Red Box and ECi RockSolid MAX are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. GET ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK! RockSolid MAX™ cloud-based software for hardware stores and home centers, can transform your business without a huge upfront investment. Get cutting-edge technology, at an affordable, fixed monthly price—no servers or special equipment needed. UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS. SIMPLIFY YOUR BILL.

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