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JAN 2019

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HARDWARE RETAILING | January 2019 62 L ook at the photo below. Do you see anything wrong? Anything you would improve? More than likely, you have a solid idea in your head about how good merchandising should look: Neat, full, clean displays arranged so attractively that every customer feels like a kid in a candy store. Most of you will likely admit that, from time to time, there are displays in your store that might stray from your original intention. Merchandise gets misplaced, shelves go empty, point-of-sale signage gets damaged—there are many reasons why something goes wrong with a display. This year, Hardware Retailing challenges you to improve your merchandising. Editors will choose a series of merchandising photos focused on basic retailing displays. These are displays that, even if they have some strong points of merit overall, still have room for improvement. There might even be some glaring errors. In this issue, the focus is on stack-out displays. Study the display of dog food below to identify problem areas or where something could be improved. Then, turn the page for the answers and an explanation of some of the basic tenets of merchandising stack outs. Stack-Out Disaster What's Wrong With This Picture? By Jesse Carleton, jcarleton@nrha.org

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