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JAN 2019

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January 2019 | HARDWARE RETAILING 61 online deal sites, with an emphasis on companies producing items that saved on waste or used fewer chemicals. We developed our own strategy to emphasize those kinds of products. We see sites like Amazon as a resource, not an enemy." Given the proliferation of cooking shows and the overall growth of home improvement entertainment, finding inspiration in entertainment also helps. Teja points to YouTube videos and online reviews that can inform him on what kinds of gadgets are being used in home kitchens and how he can best market these items to customers. However a retailer finds the next big gadget, expanding the kitchen goods sold and improving the technology level of kitchen appliances are options for independent retailers to explore. "Expanding kitchen goods in a housewares department doesn't just increase your abilities to offer fun gadgets; it also allows for greater creativity in your store," Springer says. "Customers can expect different things from a store. You've created an expectation for diverse products. You'll have customers coming in just to see what new item you've found for them." 61 January 2019 | HARDWARE RETAILING Spiralizer These slicing implements allow cooks to replicate the texture of pasta but replace dough with vegetables. Spiralizers come in many shapes and sizes, from versions that attach to standing mixers to handheld, and can slice vegetables into slices like lasagna or into strips like spaghetti. Bluetooth Thermometer Whether you're cooking a roast in your oven or grilling steaks in the backyard, having a meat probe is one of the best ways to cook protein just right. It only makes sense to have a thermometer that can buzz you when your steak gets to that perfect medium-rare temperature. Kitchen items can range from specialty slicers like spiralizers to high-tech versions of more common items like pressure cookers and coffee pots. Prescott True Value has committed to expanding the variety found in its housewares department.

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