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JAN 2019

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January 2019 | HARDWARE RETAILING 59 In hardware, retailers are often quick to seek out how to make a store a one-stop shop. The same attitude needs to be applied to kitchen appliances to find success in that category, Teja says. "From preparing meals, to serving them, to cleaning up after and storing food and cookware properly, we have everything a homeowner needs," Teja says. "Once we took the approach of stocking items that not only accomplished a goal, but looked good doing it, we were able to make ourselves known in the local cooking community." When deciding on what kinds of kitchen gadgets to devote money and space to, Teja looks at how technology has updated some tried-and-true kitchen tools while also offering more options than ever before. Some of the most popular products are designed to turn a tedious chore, like mincing garlic or peeling ginger, into an easy, simple and more enjoyable task. Teja cites one popular product, a kale peeler that is specifically designed to strip the leafy parts of the popular plant while leaving the discarded stems, as a product that makes a chore more efficient. Kitchen Plus More stocks a variety of peelers and small gadgets that allow a customer to personalize their own cooking experience. "Customers are looking for these kinds of specific items, so if you don't have what they're expecting from you, they'll leave," Teja says. "It's no different than when you look at your hardware selection. Does every customer need three types of pliers? Probably not, but you need to be prepared for the customer to have a variety of similar products to choose from, or it will lead to poor customer satisfaction." Having a solid product selection isn't the only way retailers can develop a following for home cooks. At Prescott True Value, kitchen gadgets like spiralizers and stovetop popcorn poppers show the store is well stocked in tools, which grows interest in other niche areas like gourmet foods and an expanded gift department. The housewares category allows retailers to get creative both with their product variety and their merchandising tactics. 59 January 2019 | HARDWARE RETAILING Immersion Blender The convenience of a smaller and more focused blending implement is best shown the many roles of an immersion blender. These items can crush ice, puree vegetables and emulsify a salad dressing all without bringing out a larger countertop blender. It's also easy to store and clean. Electric Pressure Cooker This is one of the most useful tools in the modern kitchen. Most models can work as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker and a slow cooker while also being useful for canning. Available in multiple sizes, electric pressure cookers can make any home cook look like a five-star chef.

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