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JAN 2019

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HARDWARE RETAILING | January 2019 48 48 HARDWARE RETAILING | January 2019 I f you're like most retailers, you know all too well what it's like to arrive at the store in the early morning hours and not leave until after the sun has set. There doesn't seem to be enough time to finish your to-do list. Long days are often par for the course when you sign up to be a retailer. There are days when big projects require big time commitments. But if long hours are the norm and you're constantly concerned about how you will get it all done, it might be time to step back and look at the big picture. Are you using your time well? Are you working smarter, rather than just working harder? A strategy for managing your time will not only reduce your stress, but it will also give you time to grow your business. You'll have a more balanced life as you make time for family and friends and space in your schedule to pursue those recreational activities that help you recharge for the next day of work. Hardware Retailing can help you get more out of your time. Two experts with experience in business who have learned to manage busy schedules offer some advice on time management and changing what may be unproductive work habits. When you learn to manage your time, you'll find you have more time to meet your business goals and spend less time worrying about how you'll get there. Why You Need a Plan Having a strategy for managing your time isn't just about organizing your calendar. It's a way of getting work done so that you can be more productive. Byron Clouse oversees five hardware stores in northern Michigan, along with two grocery stores, an auto parts store, 18 condominium properties and other real estate holdings. Finding a Strategy to Get More Out of Every Day By Jesse Carleton, jcarleton@nrha.org Defuse the Time Bomb M E E T W I T H T E A M

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