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DEC 2018

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4 | nrha.org email | nrha@nrha.org Are you already a member? Why is training important? How can I start a training program? Retailers affiliated with True Value, Home Hardware and Federated Co-Ops already have access to all NRHA training on their LMS. Retailers who are affiliated with Ace Hardware can find basic training and accounting courses on their LMS, but also have access to all NRHA training on nrha.org. Upgrading is easy. Get started today! online nrha.org/membership | email nrha@nrha.org | phone 1-800-772-4424 NRHA makes training easy. Each of our nine online training courses give employees the freedom to take courses whenever or wherever they want. Here is a quick overview of how it works: • Sign up for a training membership at nrha.org/membership. • Receive a welcome email with the next steps to register your store in NRHA's learning management system (LMS). • Each employee uses their own username and password to log on and take courses. • You set the curriculum and get a report when each employee finishes a course. • You can even reward employees who complete milestones in their training with a pay increase or bonus. Courses include study guides you can print out to use as a quick reference. Training Membership Train your employees with nine in-depth, online courses with 247 modules. ® Investing in a training program enables your team to perform to their highest standard in all they do. Poorly trained employees will either mislead customers with incorrect information or not engage them at all. Even if they do manage to close a sale with a customer, they've likely only sold the bare minimum, without suggesting add-on sales to increase transaction size. When deciding how much time and effort to spend on training, consider the cost of training compared to the cost of not training at all. The High Costs of NOT Training • Low customer service • Increased shrinkage • Lost sales • Increased turnover The Benefits of Training • Higher transaction sizes • Better customer service • Higher job satisfaction • Higher productivity

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