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B U Y I N G G U I D E HOT PRODUCTS The FiendOil ™ brand was re-introduced by new owners in 2018 and is made and packaged in Ohio. It was reformulated for today's higher precision needs as a wide-ranging lubricant that won't attract dirt, contains no solids like Teflon ™ or graphite and maintains lubrication as low as minus-65 F below zero and as high as 400 F. It's now being offered to wholesalers for independent retailer sale. The distinct packaging will make it a standout on retail shelves. For a limited time, all first orders will receive a choice of a free FiendOil ™ cap, a shop sign or two branded coffee cups with first order. Where to Buy To carry FiendOil ™ as an independent retailer, visit fiendoil.com/wholesale, email jeff@fiendoil.com or call Jeff directly at 651-748-1750. Each initial order gets choice of free cap, coffee mugs or shop sign. The Formula Original FiendOil ™ has a decades-long heritage of high performance in firearms. New FiendOil ™ is ideal wherever metal meets metal. It's the highest performing lubricant available: in lubricity tests, it outperforms leading legacy household lubricants. (Video tests are available on our website.) In addition, FiendOil ™ meets ASTM and military specs for water resistance, corrosion protection and metal staining. Usage Because it's specifically formulated not to build up in precision mechanisms and works in extreme temperatures, FiendOil ™ is ideal for door locks, padlocks, garage door tracks, hinges, doorknobs, bike chains, wheels and casters, wrapped cables and more. Hunters who have tried the new formula swear by it for their firearms. Additionally, FiendOil ™ will clean and protect shop tools to improve performance and longevity.

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