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B U Y I N G G U I D E HOT PRODUCTS HOT PRODUCTS BUYING GUIDE | 2019 43 Ratchet straps are always great sellers in hardware. They reside in almost every truck and garage across America. However, everyone experiences the same issue with ratchet straps ... they end up in a tangled mess! Entrepreneur Josh Brown from Texas was no stranger to the knots that ratchet straps always seem to tie themselves in. Released November of 2018 is the ultimate solution. The Wrap A Strap. This simple yet effective tool is a quick solution to not only storing your ratchet strap but also securing the excess ends on loads that don't require use of the entire strap. By simply taking a few seconds to spin your strap on the Wrap A Strap, ending with the final locking loop, your strap will remain tangle free for easy storage. This comes in extremely handy when you are ready to use your gear again. Even better, no more trying to tie off excess strap ends on your load, just Wrap A Strap it. Durable polymer construction will keep your Wrap A Strap around for years of use. One for home and one for your truck. Wrap A Strap is a must have! Where to Buy For more information, call 469-389-2574 or email info@wrapastrap.com. Ratchet Strap Organizer The Wrap A Strap is a multiple-use tangle eliminator for utility tie downs and ratchet straps. Anyone who has needed to secure a load dreads the moment of digging a strap out of the box. Typically, it is a tangled mess, worse than a ball of fishing line! Then, after securing a load, how many loose straps have been tattered, torn and frayed? Now, you can straighten your straps for good! By simply taking a few seconds to wrap and secure your straps, using the Wrap A Strap, they remain secured, tangle-free and ready for use.

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