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B U Y I N G G U I D E HOT PRODUCTS 2019 | HOT PRODUCTS BUYING GUIDE 40 The Wooster Brush Company is a leading manufacturer of professional and consumer painting tools. Founded in 1851, Wooster offers more than 2,000 products including paintbrushes, paint rollers, roller frames, extension poles, buckets, trays and surface prep tools. The company has 650 U.S. employees and is headquartered in Wooster, Ohio. Wooster products are sold throughout the United States, and around the world. Where to Buy For more information from The Wooster Brush Company, call 800-392-7246 or visit woosterbrush.com. Silver Tip ® Paintbrushes A great value choice, Wooster Silver Tip ® paintbrushes have thin, soft, flexible ends to provide exceptional leveling and smoothing. They virtually eliminate brush marks with a blend of white and silver CT ™ polyester. Available in 25 different SKUs for latex paints, applying enamels to metal or polyurethanes on wood. Ultra/Pro ® Firm Paintbrushes Featuring a mix of nylon and polyester, it's truly an all-purpose professional brush for use in acrylics, latex or enamels. This line of brushes can be used for indoor or outdoor projects. With fantastic coverage and masterful cut-in control, it saves painters time wherever a firm brush is needed. Available in over 40 different SKUs. Gold Edge ™ Paintbrushes A unique blend of 100 percent CT ™ (Chemically Tipped) firm polyester filament allows Gold Edge paintbrushes to perfectly balance increased control and super-smooth finishing. Gold Edge paintbrushes are formulated for use in all paints, enamels, varnishes and polyurethanes. Available in over 20 different SKUs. Pelican ® Pail This hand-held paint pail is designed to work with brushes and minirollers. It features a built-in 5½-inch wide roll-off area. A strong magnet cleanly holds a brush inside the pail and comfortable security strap expands for larger hands. Side indents covered with soft elastomer provide better grip. Liner three-pack also available for instant cleanup.

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