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B U Y I N G G U I D E HOT PRODUCTS HOT PRODUCTS BUYING GUIDE | 2019 33 Flex-O-Glaze ™ Merchandiser This holds up to 50 acrylic safety glazing sheets in sizes up to 24 inches by 48 inches. The MZ-74 display also has cleaner/polisher aerosol cans and acrylic-cutting tools for retail sale. The glazing sheets are made of pure virgin acrylic that won't yellow or become brittle. The sheets are full weight and full thickness. Flex-O-Glaze ™ is the top-quality choice for acrylic safety glazing. Made in the USA. As Warp's ® begins its 95th year in business, they take great pride in their rich heritage of producing Genuine Top Quality American Made products with the consistently high quality and business standards as when they were first developed. After two generations of ownership and operation, Warp's ® still maintains their superior standards to equal or exceed standards required by industry or government requirement. Jiffy-Cover ® Drop Cloth New from Warp's, the 2JC-1020 is an extra heavy duty 2 mil 10 feet by 20 feet strong, versatile shelf pack. The drop cloth complements Warp's popular 1 mil and 2 mil assortment offerings of 9 feet by 12 feet and 10 feet by 20 feet Jiffy Cover drop cloths. Oversized Storage Bags ® These are made of tough, see-through 2 mil plastic. Warp's Banana Bags ® are sealed against moisture, dust, bugs and spiders. They also resist tears and punctures and are Made in the USA. Carry-Home ® Coverall ® Dispenser Carton This is a handy, stackable, colorful dispenser carton that is easy to merchandise at retail. Warp's Carry-Home Coverall is 2 mil thick and 10 feet by 100 feet. They are available in clear and sun-resistant black. A free"snip-it" cutter allows you to cut off just the length you need and attaches to the dispenser carton so you never lose it. Guaranteed full weight and full strength. Fridge-Liners ™ These keep refrigerators clean, energy-efficient and "food-friendly." The easy-glide ribbed surface helps move heavy containers with ease and protects food from bruising. Fridge-Liners save energy by circulating chilled air to flow under food and containers while allowing light to pass throughout the fridge. It also aids in easy cleanup by eliminating the need to remove storage bins.

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