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B U Y I N G G U I D E HOT PRODUCTS 2019 | HOT PRODUCTS BUYING GUIDE 24 Since 1982, RESCUE! ® has brought innovation to household insect control with scientifically-sound, American-made products that respect the environment without sacrificing results. No other manufacturer in our category can rival our R&D brain trust, expert knowledge of entomology or the research tools in our lab. All-natural traps, repellents and baits from RESCUE! ® are based on world-class science, delivering performance that's not only safer, but more effective than toxic brands. Plus, our products offer environmental and family-friendly benefits that matter to today's consumer. They're a sure way for both you and your shoppers to see more green. Where to Buy RESCUE! ® products are distributed through Ace Hardware, Central Garden, Do it Best, Orgill, True Value and most other lawn and garden distributors. For more information, visit rescue.com, call 509-926-6766 or email insidesales@rescue.com. Ant Baits We made our bait station child-resistant to offer peace of mind to the consumer. Gel formula stays contained and won't spill on the carpet or floor. Separate sugar and protein lures help ants find it fast and ensure the entire colony—including the queen—is eliminated within days. Disposable Fly Trap Add water. Subtract flies. Our Disposable Fly Trap offers an easy and efficient means of controlling common outdoor filth flies with a handy disposable bag that can contain up to 20,000 pests. Since everything stays contained inside the bag, the consumer never needs to touch the bait or the flies. Reusable Yellowjacket Trap Our trap offers the satisfaction of seeing the yellowjacket "body count" accumulate while knowing these dangerous insects can't escape. The trap catches yellowjackets from the time the queen emerges in spring to the late summer and early fall when workers are aggressive and colonies reach maximum size. It won't trap beneficial honeybees.

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