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B U Y I N G G U I D E HOT PRODUCTS 2019 | HOT PRODUCTS BUYING GUIDE 22 The Professional Painter's Hand Cleaner Spray Nine triple threat! Fast Orange PROClean Hand Cleaner Fast Orange PROClean is perfect for home improvement professionals and DIYers alike. It quickly removes tough paint, varnishes, and other stubborn stains, yet is gentle on hands. A safer alternative to harsh, drying and potentially toxic solvents and thinners, Fast Orange PROClean works on latex, urethanes, lacquer, polyurethane sealers, shellacs, tiling soils, wood stain, adhesives, grease and oil. PROClean features a freshly-scented, dual-action formula that uses pumice to get deep into the creases to break down latex and urethane paints while the patented microgel drills deep into the stain to effortlessly release it from skin. PROClean is fortified with lanolin, aloe vera, and jojoba to moisturize dry and cracked hands. Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner + Degreaser + Disinfectant When it comes to tough cleaning jobs and stain removal around the home, garage or workshop, Spray Nine is specially formulated to clean, degrease and disinfect in one easy step. It is effective on tools, workbenches, RVs, campers, trailers, garbage bins, walls, doors, floors and lawn and garden equipment. Plus, it is ideal for removing caked on grease and rust from under stoves, sinks and refrigerators. Spray Nine makes quick work of discoloration on vinyl siding, windowsills, tile, pools, hot tubs, outdoor PVC furniture and more. As an EPA-registered disinfectant, Spray Nine helps control mold and mildew, eliminating bacterial odors and reducing cross contamination of germs. Spray Nine's non-corrosive, non-bleach formulation is safer and more versatile then many other degreasers. It is available in a 32-ounce trigger spray bottle and a 1-gallon jug. # 65230 # 65215 #26832 #26801

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