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OCT 2018

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October 2018 | HARDWARE RETAILING 83 "One thing I try to keep in the minds of the designers we work with is that lighting is a living and breathing organism," Chamblee says. "You have to stay on top of the trends, and a lot of that is staying in touch with your distributor and the manufacturers themselves about what is coming to market." Chamblee suggests keeping staple products like gas lanterns and uplights in stock, but to also be prepared with literature, catalogs and off-the-wall pieces to pique the interest of customers for all the lighting options you sell. One example she uses is a lightbulb she bought her daughter for Christmas. It connects to her phone wirelessly and has a speaker to play music, but Chamblee wouldn't have known about it if her daughter hadn't seen it first on YouTube. "My experience with my daughter demonstrates how you have to stay on top of customer interests to stay on the trends," Chamblee says. Another avenue for growing the outdoor lighting department is industry-specific shows. Because he sources his furniture from vendors other than his hardware supplier, Girard is already familiar with markets and trade shows outside of his primary hardware departments. Selling furniture has given him a strong perspective on how retailers can expand not just their lighting departments but any area of their stores. "We work with a lot of different manufacturers, and we find them by going to lighting shows and finding the next style we think customers will be drawn to. Lighting is like fashion—what was in style can go out very quickly," Girard says. "We've built relationships with representatives of several manufacturers. They advise us on what their plans are as well as what they're seeing in the market. When you have people helping you like that, it can make buying decisions a lot easier." " We work with a lot of different manufacturers, and we find them by going to lighting shows and finding the next style we think customers will be drawn to. " —Joe Girard, Girard's Ace Hardware, Lighting and Furniture Saves Time & Money • Works on Porous & Non-Porous Surfaces • Easy-To-Use Temporary Protective Surface Coating & Liquid Masking ® RESULTS COMPARISON SAVES APPROX. $6.37 PER QV VS TAPE 1 CAN = 4 ROLLS OF TAPE Using Peel-Tek on projects saves you money: Patent Pending -SVVYPUN[OYLZOVSKYLMPUPZOPUN ;\IZJYH[JOLZKHTHNL >PUKV^ZLH *V\U[LY[VWZ Stay-put formula works on brick, stucco, cement, treated & untreated wood, textured walls, tile, painted surfaces, glass, & MORE :HMLMVYZ[HPULKJVUJYL[LZWLJPHS[`MPUPZOLZ ,]LU^VYRZPUOV[O\TPKSVJH[PVUZ Peels away cleanly for fast clean up! Eliminates wasting time to remask areas Prevents expensive repairs during construction Stops bleed through MVYJSLHYJYPZWYLZ\S[Z ,U]PYVTLU[HSS`MYPLUKS`MVYT\SH[PVU

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