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OCT 2018

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October 2018 | HARDWARE RETAILING 51 Notice people. Tots often spot people who wouldn't stand out to adults and can convert a shy person into a grinning peek-a-boo player. Everyone is valuable. Pay attention and you'll see incredible inventiveness and kindness in normal people. Be expressive. Toddlers don't care who knows when they're excited, and genuine excitement is infectious. Be sure to show your enthusiasm about new products or promotions. The opposite is also true. Cynicism and discouragement can be as infectious. Love your family best. Toddlers know who they love most. So do you. Family dynamics can get complex and tense when you work together, but don't ever let business be more important than love. Choose amazement. Fluffy cats and glittering jewelry thrill small children, who help adults resee the world with awe. Sharing experiences that wow you, employees or customers will connect you deeply. Be curious. Children are fascinated when they notice changes in their environments, such as new board books or childproofing devices. Cultivate your curiosity about what's new in retail so you and your business are adaptable. You'll swiftly identify needed changes when you're looking for them. Say you're sorry. A child's "I'm sorry" is cuter than your apologies, but your words can have the same impact. Be quick to apologize first if you've made a mistake. Take responsibility, make things right and you'll earn respect from customers and employees.

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