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OCT 2018

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Kurt reports. "RockSolid MAX performed great in each of those areas." Also a big plus, he points out: the program's cloud-based platform meant Kurt and his team wouldn't have to worry about maintenance on a store-based server or managing backups. Even though Kurt himself had no specialized computer training, responsibility for a successful implementation was in his hands. "I knew I had a lot to learn, no just about the program itself but even the basics—how a point of sale system works, and so on," he recalls. It was a situation that potentially could have been disastrous. Only it wasn't. "We got excellent support from RockSolid on the implementation," he reports. "Our situation was a little different from most of the conversions they worked with since we were automating the business totally from ground zero but they were very willing to accomodate our situation and adjust to any special requirements we might have. And even after we went live, the implementation specialist we worked with would call me in his free time to see how we were doing and answer any questions I might have. RockSolid MAX provided a level of support that was very much above and beyond what I expected." THE HARDWARE-STORE-SPECIFIC SOFTWARE DELIVERED BENEFITS IMMEDIATELY Once the program was up and running, the benefits started showing up almost immediately. Switching to new software can be daunting task for just about any business. For the Miller team— which was moving from a manual, paper-based system and had only limited IT resources within the company itself—the stakes were particularly high. But Kurt says, RockSolid MAX has more than lived up to expectations. GET PROTECTION IN THE CLOUD! RockSolid MAX™ cloud-based software for hardware stores and home centers protects your data from fire, natural disaster, or cyber attacks. With automatic backups to the cloud, you will save time and rest easy knowing that your business information is always safe. YOUR DATA, CONFIDENTLY PROTECTED. www.ECiSolutions.com/RockSolidMAX RockSolidMAXInfo@ECiSolutions.com 800.588.5128 © 2018 ECi, the ECi Red Box and ECi RockSolid MAX are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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